Thursday, 18 October 2007

Commando Gibbs v. Dragon Decay

I was double checking some facts in the advertising section of the website and remembered I had a mystery regarding some of the numbering in Bellamy's adverts for Gibbs Dentifrice. For those who have only known toothpaste in a tube, you might need enlightening.

This product came in a small circular tin and you had to rub a wet toothbrush and create a fizzy paste to rub on your "ivory castles" as Gibbs called your teeth! I can just remember the stuff in the 1960s, and I think some toothpowder still exist! Would you believe the following existed:

THE IVORY CASTLE GAME by D W Gibbs Ltd, manufacturers of the famous Gibbs Dentifrice, consisting of a coloured folding board, counters and dice, in original brown envelope with rules printed to rear, company letter included. 1933/4 . A must for toothpaste collectors. - quoted from

Anyway, my research produced a few questions and I wonder if anyone has any answers for me regarding the numbering of adverts. Even though all previous advertising strips are number sequentially, 2 adverts were 10 issues apart, but their (up till now) regular numbering jumps from GD 316-1505 to GD 326-1505. Take a look at the Eagle entry on the Advertising page for lots more pictures and please send comments!

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