Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Frank Bellamy licks the Daleks into shape

Shaqui and I had some email correspondence recently after I alerted him to the fact that Frank Bellamy had produced some Dalek material for Wall's Ice Cream. Even research in the Unilever Archives showed me they do not retain any part of this series except the front part of a wrapper!

"The Dalek Death Ray wrappers was a revelation - I was kicking myself for not recognizing the style but then the repro is mushy at best and I didn't think Bellamy would do stuff like this!" Of course when he says 'mushy' I don't think he was making a pun - these wrappers were covering ICE lollies, after all and had a tendency to make the wrappers mushy! However, in his usual helpful manner, he supplied some examples so we could see what they looked like.

Shaqui tells me that Wall's Ice Cream published two series of Dalek material in the first half of the 1970s. The first series was called 'From the world of the Daleks...', while the second non-Bellamy one is called 'The Incredible Daleks...' The titles from the first series are:
  1. The Grenium Invisibility System
  2. Daleks and the Ancient Britons
  3. The Swamp Creatures of Terroth
  4. When the Daleks Flooded the Earth!
  5. The Cyclops Z-Ray
  6. A Dalek Deep Space Battle Cruiser
  7. Dalek Officer
  8. Transmol
Shaqui then told me something that I didn't know about this series: "The other interesting trivia note for the Bellamy series is all bar one ('Dalek Officer' although I think some notes come from some cutaway seen but the approach is quite different) are taken from the 1976 Dalek annual: 'Terroth' and 'Flooded' are based on the two strip stories, while the 'Cruiser' appears in a text story. 'Transmol', 'Z-Ray', and 'Grenium' are from one of those 'amazing Dalek facts/technology' features, while there is a mention of Daleks on Earth in AD42 in another."

To read the full story go to the Advertising page on [click on the NOTE for all the pictures] , meanwhile here are a couple of the pictures to whet your appetite.


Shaun said...

Very interesting to see some old Dalek merchandise - I could only find three images (1 wrapper and 2 Dalek drawings by Frank Bellamy) but from the text I gather there should be more (possibly links have disappeared? If so, could you perhaps repost the illustrations if you happen to have them).

Thanks and all the best!

Norman Boyd said...

Hi Shaun
If you scroll down the whole article you'll see just above the two green and white pictures there are two links. Click on the NOTES one
Enjoy yourself!

Shaun said...

Hello again and sorry to take such a long time in getting back to you again. When I went to the page via the link, the images were invisible - maybe a quirk of my browser or something. Anyway, thanks & all the best

Norman Boyd said...

Hi Shaun
Thanks for letting me know. The only thing I can find that might stop the pictures appearing at is if you might be using Firefox with the AdblockPlus ( which I have found very useful, but on occassion need to tweak. If it is this software, it allows you to negate the rule 'block pop-ups on'. Need further help email me direct.
It could of course be any other blocker that you might have installed. Let me know as I have tried very hard to make sure the site works and am grateful for this comment.