Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Frank Bellamy and the floating mine

Richard Sheaf has sent me a new bit of information showing a reprint of Bellamy's work which gives me a good excuse to show you some more unusual Bellamy artwork. The above piece, sent by Richard, comes from the Wham Annual of 1972, so interestingly would have been on sale while Bellamy was still alive.

He created two covers at the end of his Eagle work before moving onto his 4 year stint on Thunderbirds in TV21. The first was for Eagle Vol.16:35 (28 August 1965) titled Arms Through the Ages: No. 5: The crossbow (see below)

It was for 16:36 copy dated 4 September 1965 he created his Arms Through the Ages: No. 6: The floating mine.

This lovely example of a Bellamy explosion shows his professionalism - just because he was leaving didn't mean he would stint his employer. Wikipedia has a long article on the subject of floating mines, but obviously Bellamy would not have had access to the Internet in the early 1960s. He had previously visited the Imperial War Museum when researching Churchill's life so it does not seem unreasonable to assume he repeated this experience.

To see larger scans of the examples on this page, please look for Wham Annual by following the link on the website and then click on the side 'note'

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