Saturday, 12 September 2009

ADDITION - Letter from Frank Bellamy

I have now corrected the following entry in the Magazines section of the website. It was originally thought that not only had Frank Bellamy written a letter to the very popular 1970s fanzine "Fantasy Advertiser", but had also added a drawing. This is not correct. Thanks to Richard Sheaf for forwarding scans of the cover and the letter itself, I thought it worth showing both here - and in greater resolution, by clicking on the accompanying Note on the website

The cover is not by Bellamy, but by Jim Baikie (does he really not have his own website?) who I know best for his co-creation of Skizz in 2000AD. The date of the fanzine is May 1972 - eleven years before that work!

Anway getting onto the Bellamy connection, his letter is really listed here for the purists among us. Later an interview and a portfolio of Bellamy's work appears in Dez Skinn's wonderful Fantasy Advertiser which are brilliant if you ever manage to get a copy

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