Thursday, 18 October 2007

Commando Gibbs v. Dragon Decay

I was double checking some facts in the advertising section of the website and remembered I had a mystery regarding some of the numbering in Bellamy's adverts for Gibbs Dentifrice. For those who have only known toothpaste in a tube, you might need enlightening.

This product came in a small circular tin and you had to rub a wet toothbrush and create a fizzy paste to rub on your "ivory castles" as Gibbs called your teeth! I can just remember the stuff in the 1960s, and I think some toothpowder still exist! Would you believe the following existed:

THE IVORY CASTLE GAME by D W Gibbs Ltd, manufacturers of the famous Gibbs Dentifrice, consisting of a coloured folding board, counters and dice, in original brown envelope with rules printed to rear, company letter included. 1933/4 . A must for toothpaste collectors. - quoted from

Anyway, my research produced a few questions and I wonder if anyone has any answers for me regarding the numbering of adverts. Even though all previous advertising strips are number sequentially, 2 adverts were 10 issues apart, but their (up till now) regular numbering jumps from GD 316-1505 to GD 326-1505. Take a look at the Eagle entry on the Advertising page for lots more pictures and please send comments!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

BIG NEWS: Robin Hood again!

Steve Holland has announced a project he has been working on for Look and Learn / Book Palace that:
"...we're also working on The Complete Frank Bellamy Robin Hood. This is a Look and Learn/Book Palace project that has been in the works for a while now (it takes time to scan and clean up that many pages!). The book will reprint the whole of Bellamy's long run of 'Robin Hood and His Merry Men' and 'Robin Hood and Maid Marian' for 15 months in 1956-57 in the pages of Swift. Not, I may add, the abridged version that later appeared in Treasure in the 1960s. This is the complete run."

The date: 2008! Start saving your sixpences as that means approximately 134 pages of art plus any additional introduction etc.!

This picture has been borrowed and will be returned soon to its rightful owner Steve Holland